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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome Browser!!!

Wow! It's quite impressive! 
I'm writing this message in a new Google Chrome browser (beta), which were released today! Interesting times are coming: well see new browser wars soon. I must admit, that Google Chrome beta works definitely better than IE 8 beta 2; the latest constantly crashed when trying to do Google Search, incorrectly renders Russian fonts in text boxes, incorrectly renders some Web layout (unless switched to a compatibility mode; don't tell me that those layouts are wrong: Firefox 3.01, which is said to be more standard-compliant, renders them correctly, as do IE7.
The fact that Google Chrome browser is very fast feels immediately. Google rules! So many new and interesting applications were released recently: GWT, Google App Engine, Protocol Buffers, Android! I'm looking forward for releasing first Android-compatible cell phones. I'll buy one immediately and will develop Android applications in Scala.