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Monday, September 15, 2008

VMWare forever!

I couldn't believe my eyes: VMWare Workstation 6.01 took my VM created using MS Virtual Server 2005 R2 Enterprise and run it (Win Server 2003 guest OS) without any problems! Given the fact that the same VMWare Workstation happily runs my Linux Mint guest OS, supports sound, does not require IIS, can be installed on a Linux host OS, for sure takes less resources than Virtual Server (guest OS runs noticeable faster), and, as opposed to MS Virtual Server, it can suspend VM without errors, why bother using Virtual Server at all? (Except that VMWare Workstation isn't free.)
But most importantly: VMWare is not tied so closely to a host OS, as MS Virtual Server is. I installed IE 8 beta (another closely tied product) and suddenly it changed something in a way MS Virtual Server works: I couldn't login to Virtual Server admin side any more. I uninstalled IE 8 beta, but it didn't help. I still couldn't login and because of that couldn't start a virtual machine. Sure, it was something related to permission/security settings, but I couldn't resolve it. Here's where VMWare Workstation came to help. And now I can play with ASP.NET MVC and F# again!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome Browser!!!

Wow! It's quite impressive! 
I'm writing this message in a new Google Chrome browser (beta), which were released today! Interesting times are coming: well see new browser wars soon. I must admit, that Google Chrome beta works definitely better than IE 8 beta 2; the latest constantly crashed when trying to do Google Search, incorrectly renders Russian fonts in text boxes, incorrectly renders some Web layout (unless switched to a compatibility mode; don't tell me that those layouts are wrong: Firefox 3.01, which is said to be more standard-compliant, renders them correctly, as do IE7.
The fact that Google Chrome browser is very fast feels immediately. Google rules! So many new and interesting applications were released recently: GWT, Google App Engine, Protocol Buffers, Android! I'm looking forward for releasing first Android-compatible cell phones. I'll buy one immediately and will develop Android applications in Scala.