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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Google Chrome 4+ adds extensions support!

In Google Chrome (in both beta 4+ and dev 4+ versions and soon a release version too) they added extensions support.

Many of my favorite Firefox extensions are already arrived. One particular is called IE Tab. It fully emulates IE (actually uses IE engine, I guess), but lacks crazy IE bugs. Chrome IE Tab extension allows to save URLs to be open in IE mode.
Even MS specific pages which cannot work in Firefox work fine in Chrome IE Tab. For example, a page for managing MS virtual machines (VM) works perfectly under Chrome's IE Tab.
Chrome, similarly to Firefox, allows to open by default all the pages which were open on its previous run. IE doesn't allow that. So, in rare occasions when Chrome crashes, it then re-opens previous pages. Chrome also allows to pin some tabs, such tabs cannot be closed and will be open automatically on a next run. They look exactly like pinned tabs in Goggle Chrome OS.
IE on my work machine and on some of my home machines :) takes enormous time to open some sites and to open each new tab. It crashes sometimes too. It lacks HTML5 features which all other major browsers support. It lacks most of useful extensions. I treat IE8 as a complete failure and going to forget it and make Chrome my default browser. This browser is just much better and faster.

P.S. If you think I’m belonging to that MS-haters gung, consider a fact that I'm writing this note using Windows Live Writer - by far the best blogging tool I know about.