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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to dynamically add members to a private Buzz group

Here's an extremely interesting Buzz feature Andriy discovered!
1) Create an empty group in my contacts
2) Write a privet Buzz post aimed to that empty group
3) Mention ( @ ) someone in a Buzz post body or in comments.
Note, that not only a thread originator, but anybody already added (i.e. @-mentioned by anyone in a post body or in a comment) can invite new people to that private thread.
What if a thread originator only invited Friend_A and Girlfriend_B and was going to keep it secret from Wife_C. Then Friend_A (is it really a friend?) @-invited Wife_C to a thread
Oh, yes, I know Friend_A could just pick a phone and call her, but...
I'm positive there should be a stricter protection degree added to Buzz posts.
Why not to
a) Rename current private post level to Protected
b) Add stricter Private level, for which no one [except thread originator maybe?] can @-invite new participants in?

(See this post and a discussion on Buzz)

Adewale Oshineye (Google) - Oh I see. We had this exact discussion internally a while ago.

Think of it this way. If A has a private email discussion with B then there's nothing to stop B from forwarding the entire thread to {C,D,E,F}. Essentially you have to trust the people you speak to not to just publish your private conversations.

Personally I don't believe this is a problem that should be solved by technology. If the people you talk to don't respect your trust then they always have the option of cutting and pasting your message into a text file and sending it out. If you disable cut and paste then they can always take a screenshot and send that around.

Society already has a solution for dealing with people who forward private communications: we stop speaking to those people.

The editable email stuff seems to be a variation on this: